The Process

Reaching out to 25,000+ designers in the building industry.

The Experts' Choice is a culmination of a reach out to more than 25,000 professional Architects and Interior Designers of India. These professionals are responsible for specifying products worth more than Rs.50,000 Crores, every year in India. LOCATOR ®, the only product catalog of its kind has been serving this industry since 1995. It is this domain expertise that was packed into a mobile based voting system & made available to these professionals.

A very robust methodology

A fair deal of rigor has been applied in the voting process. The mobile based voting system was accessible to each professional. In all, 24 categories (featuring top 226 brands) were identified to receive the professional's vote for the best brand in that category. The voting system was offered on a privileged basis only to Experts and the general/ lay audience has been kept away. The Experts' Choice is therefore a pure selection, of the best of the industry, by the best experts of the industry!

Distilling The Experts' Choice

Professionals of varying practice from over Rs. 100 Crores turnover to even small individual firms with less than Rs. 1 Crore annual turnover, composed the voting panel. The common denominator was they are all “Expert” users of building material. Their votes for the best brand in a category, for all 24 categories were arrived at by using the following parameters:

  • Overall product quality
  • Product range offered
  • Design & Innovation
  • Availability & dealer network
  • Pricing & value
  • Pre & post sales service